Human resource mismanagement costs govt over Rwf 538 millions

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 31 October 2016 saa 08:33
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The Public Service Commission has revealed that the government lost Rwf 524, 270, 595 and USD 17,400 between 2012 and 2015 over unlawful decisions taken by human resource managers in government departments and agencies.

It has been revealed today as the Public Service Commission presented the 2015-2016 report to both parliamentary chambers of deputies and senators.

The board chairman of the Public Service Commission, Habiyakare François explained that the report of the loss incurred by unlawful decisions in human resource management involved court cases between July 2012 to June 2015.

The assessment indicated that 51 government entities including Kigali city and districts, ministries, public institutions, higher learning institutions, schools and universities were engaged in court cases with 354 employees in 154 cases among which the government won 39 cases (25%) and lost 115 cases or 75%.

These lost court cases saw the government pay Rwf 524,270,595 and USD 17,400 while it recovered Rwf 10,678,100 from 39 court cases it won.

The total of 117 assessed reports indicated that job entry exams and screening were exercised legally while 19 reports had malpractices. Other malpractices in recruitments include favoring applicants without requirements and denying entry exams to qualified people as well as letting blacklisted people sit for job interviews.

Elsewhere, cases of impersonation were identified.

Habiyakare François explained they audited 136 reports of job applications from 92 government institutions. The reports indicated that 62,056 applicants competed for 1719 jobs.