Huye: Motorcyclists meet on community policing

Published by Police
On 24 September 2016 saa 03:57
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Thousands of commercial motorcycle operators in Huye District, on September 22, met at Huye stadium to discuss various issues related to community policing and promotion of public safety and security as partners in policing.

The meeting was also attended by the District Police Commander, Supt. Jean Marie Vianney Karegeya.

The meeting focused on road safety, fighting illicit drugs, radicalization and instant information sharing on anything unlawful.

The DPC noted that motorcyclists are valuable players in community policing and thanked them for their effort in crime detection and prevention.

He said that their business operations and success are built on the firm foundation of security which they should strive to preserve and build on.

Supt. Karegeya noted that road carnage can also be a security threat adding that preventing them requires “just mindset” to “remember and value” other road users by respecting traffic rules and regulations and respecting road safety observers including traffic officers.

“Partnership is a must; it’s unfortunate that some of you facilitate or cause road insecurity when you ride around informing your colleagues the whereabouts of traffic officers. It shouldn’t get to that extent because each one of you is expected to respect traffic rules and regulations at all times.”

They were also urged to be hands-on in fighting the scourge of drug trafficking and abuse and distance themselves from members involved in any unlawful acts.

The meeting also discussed issues related to fighting and raising awareness against the global emerging threat of human trafficking.

Chrysostome Habimana, the head of CIM, one of the motorcycle cooperatives in Huye appealed to members to heed the call and always strive for the best of their country where they live and work from.

As a move to strengthen the partnership and continue to raise the awareness against criminality, a friendly football match was organized this Saturday, between the motorcyclists and the District Police Unit of Huye.

Sports and football in particular is one of the community policing strategies through which Rwanda National Police (RNP) strengthens its partnership with the people to raise awareness against crimes.