Huye: Residents form ant-crime clubs

Published by Police
On 7 January 2017 saa 05:26
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Residents of Ngoma Sector in Huye District have formed five anti-crime clubs to facilitate their crime prevention measures through early detection of illegal actions.

The clubs, according to members, will bring them together in fronting ideals of community policing initiatives.

Speaking to hundreds of club members during the launch of the anti-clubs, the District community liaison officer (DCLO) Inspector of Police (IP) Mucyo Rukundo thanked them for the initiative and said that fighting illegality is a collective responsibility of all citizens.

He commended them for setting an example to ensure their own security and that of others.

“Despite some incidences where some have been involved in unlawful activities, Police is aware that many of you have been strong partners in policing. We believe this is another step for you to come together to streamline your policing activities” said IP Mucyo.

He asked them to report anyone suspected to be involved in criminal activities.

The newly formed five clubs include those of motorcycle and vehicle mechanics, welders, carpenters and charcoal vendors.

Jean Marie Vianney Murwanashyaka the clubs’ coordinator said that, the clubs will help them enforce discipline to errant members and streamline their daily activities without engaging in criminal acts.

He called for full members’ collaboration in ensuring that goals set are achieved

“The anti-crime club formed will guide us to realize our targets in crime prevention, but this will only be possible when we work together as a team,” he said.