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I Didn’t Establish Interahamwe Militia—Mugesera
Published on 22-01-2013 - at 03:14'

Controversial Genocide suspect Leon Mugesera 59, has told a Kigali court that the Interahamwe militia group was comprised of not only ethnic Hutu’s but also Tutsi’s claiming further that the militia group was not intent on killing Tutsi’s.

Mugesera also said that Interahamwe Militia group was founded by Robert Kajuga an Ethnic Tutsi.

Mugesera says he was not prominent and influential in the MRND party as its claimed, “I was just a deputy in MRND party in Gisenyi, maybe because am highly educated could be reason am persecuted.”

The controversial Mugesera said,his case was not necessary in such a period when Rwanda’s have attained a great stride in reconciliation and development.

“This case would remind Rwandans of the bad past. I don’t think it is necessary to have this case”.



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