Ibuka Europe denounces Dutch parliament for protecting genocide suspects

Published by Aimable Karirima Ngarambe
On 27 September 2016 saa 05:17
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Ibuka Europe, an umbrella of survivors of the Genocide against the Tutsis has regretted the unfortunate act of the Dutch parliament requesting its ministry of justice to suspend extradition to Rwanda of two suspects of the Genocide against the Tutsi living at large the Netherlands.

During the general assembly held from 24 to 25 September 2016 in Amsterdam, members noted that the extradition case of Jean Baptiste Mugimba and Jean Claude Iyamuremye versus the Dutch should be executed since all legal proceedings from the district to the Supreme Court and the European Court of Justice were exhausted and a decision taken to extradite the two suspects to Rwanda.

“The image of the Dutch judicial system would be dented by this. The kingdom of the Netherlands is one of the most exemplary democracies in the world and we find it unacceptable that a Parliament can attempt to interfere and obstruct the judicial system,” reads a statement from Ibuka Europe, signed by Christian Mundele, Chairman Ibuka-Holland.

The assembly noted that failure to execute an extradition as ordered by all courts of law of the Netherlands, constitutes a violation of the Dutch democracy and is a message that the Netherlands is going to be a safe haven for suspects of the Genocide against the Tutsis.

The ICTR and countries like Norway, Sweden, Canada, USA, DRC have already extradited genocide suspects to Rwanda.

“We, Ibuka Europe, request the Dutch Minister of Justice not to honour this parliamentary recommendation and to respect the judicial decision,” the statement concludes

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Christian Mundele, Chairman Ibuka-Holland.