IBUKA wants heavier punishment for genocide ideologues

Published by IGIHE
On 20 April 2017 saa 12:51
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IBUKA, an umbrella of organization of survivors of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi has requested concerned parties to revise the law relating to genocide ideology and recommend heavier punishments to the offenders. According to existing laws, a genocide ideology convict is subjected to a sentence ranging from five to nine years.

The president of IBUKA, Prof. Dusingizemungu Jean Pierre made the request yesterday during the commemoration of genocide against Tutsi in Nyange.

“We feel that the current punishment of genocide ideology is inadequate. It seems that convicts don’t draw a lesson because the punished emerge again among people violating genocide survivors. This calls for heavier punishments,” he said.

The senate preside Bernad Makuza requested government , private investors and religious institutions to work together for positive social interests other than unity meant to destroy as it happened in the country’s history especially in Nyange.

Newly retrieved remains of 242 victims following the 1994 genocide against Tutsi were accorded decent burial during the commemoration yesterday.

Nyange memorial is home to 2,478 genocide victims of whom the majority were killed as they fled to the church of Nyange parish where father Athanase Seromba ordered their killing and demolishing the church.

Father Seromba was handed a life sentence by TPIR .He is detained in Benin.