Improved welfare a human security factor, Governor Mureshyankwano tells Nyaruguru residents

On 5 January 2018 at 08:25

The Southern Province Governor, Marie Rose Mureshyankwano has challenged residents of Nyaruguru District to embrace the value of hard work, engage into more developmental activities to break the vicious circle of poverty, which is a major human security factor.

The Governor was speaking on December 3 in Ngoma Sector during the event to support the disadvantaged families.

At least 100 people were given health insurance premium – mutuelle de sante – while three households were given a cow each.

She observed that such support is meant to improve their good wellbeing and to prevent insecurities brought by poverty.

“Where there is poverty, criminality in the name of looking for survival is inevitable. You have to utilize such support and all available avenues to improve your standards of living,” Governor Mureshyankwano said.

“Protect your children, don’t let them go on streets, send them to school because education is their future; protect them engaging or abusing drugs,” she added.

“The best possible approach to fight all sorts of criminality is to work hard to develop, give basic needs to your children and own community policing programmes to report wrongdoers,” she said.

She further urged them to ensure sanitation and hygiene to prevent diseases.

The District Police Commander of Nyaruguru, Supt. Boniface Kagenza, also reminded the residents on dangers of narcotic drugs including driving children out of school and turning them into criminals, and fueling family conflicts.

He urged them to report drugs dealers in their communities, and protect children from all sorts of abuses by reporting those who violate children rights.