’In shock’: Social media reacts to UK election

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On 9 June 2017 saa 01:03
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Celebration, disappointment and jokes run through British social media as latest projections show a hung parliament.

"Shock" ran through British social media on Thursday and Friday as polling showed major gains for the main opposition Labour Party.

After the ruling Conservative Party failed to win an absolute majority, Britain will now be run by a hung parliament.

With votes from nearly all 650 constituencies counted, by the time of publishing, the Conservative Party, led by Theresa May, had won 314 seats, failing to secure the required 326 seats.

The Labour Party, led by Jeremy Corbyn, won 261 seats.

After the first exit poll was announced, a prediction that is largely accepted as fairly accurate, many expressed disbelief and excitement at what appeared to be big Labour gains.

In the event of a hung parliament - where no party wins enough seats to have a majority in the House of Commons - the two major parties, Conservatives and Labour, will try and form a coalition government with one of the smaller parties.

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The Conservative Party has failed to secure an absolute majority in parliament

Source:Al Jazeera