Incoherency in foreign languages distorts genocide explanations

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 14 March 2017 saa 03:47
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Members of Parliament have raised issues that contribute to the distortion of Rwanda’s history and genocide against Tutsi especially at Gisozi where some employees at Kigali Gneocide Memorial Center have poor command of foreign languages, making it hard to provide distinct and clear explanations to visitors.

MP Mutimura Zeno has raised the issue today as the parliament received a report of the Committee on Unity, Human Rights and fight against Genocide focusing on the analysis of the report of CNLG activities in 2015/2016 and 2016-2017 plans.

He said that two serious challenges at Gisozi memorial are related to distorting history.

“The first is untruthful historical facts at the memorial. For instance saying the ten commandments of Hutu were written by André Perraudin is not true. They were written by Gitera. We have clarified this several times but it has never been corrected,” said MP Mutimura.

“The other serious problem is inadequate command in foreign languages. When you receive foreign guests, you have to be fluent in their language and provide clear explanations,” he added.

MP Mutimura pointed out an example where he recently accompanied Deutsch, Netherlands and Kenyan visitors but found employees’ explanations in English so much wanting.

“I neither know what is lacking to train employees in languages nor do I know how the situation is in the French language. There is no problem with Kinyarwanda but there are serious problems in providing explanations in English,” he said.

Mutimura explained that they have discussed the matter with the organization in charge of fighting against genocide crimes and AEGIS TRUST but nothing has been done.