Innscor to enter Rwandan market with Pizza and Chicken

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On 31 March 2017 saa 06:42
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Innscor International, a firm that offers a range of foods such as chicken, pizza, ice cream and much more, has appreciated Rwandan business environment and vowed to start operations in the country in the next six months.

Innscor’s Chief Executive Officer, Manoli Verdas, has revealed to IGIHE that in addition to 11 other countries the firm has reached, they have chosen Rwanda due to its security, speedy economic growth and investment opportunities that the country offers to foreigners.

“We have expanded into many African countries including East African’s Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, and now we are coming to Rwanda in the next few months. Rwanda meets well our business requirements as it is a good country with good justice mechanisms, good infrastructure and good business environment,” said Manoli.

Manoli has not specified the number of local employees Innscor will need to hire at the opening of operations in Rwanda but ensured good job opportunities to a number of Rwandans as Innscor lands in the country.

Innscor currently employs over 6000 people in its 179 branches in Zimbabwe and 209 branches in other 10 African countries where it serves more than 46 million clients.
Rwandan market already has dealers in pizza, chicken and more foods but Innscor is committed to competing at the market by delivering quality foods and collaborating with local suppliers.

Based in Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe, Innscor International has been in operations for 30 years now and is present in 11 countries including Zambia, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Malawi, Namibia, Botswana, Mauritius, Swaziland and Lesotho.

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Innscor International, a firm that offers a range of foods such as chicken, pizza has vowed to start business in Rwanda in the next six months.

By Jean d’Amour Mugabo