IOM Specialist Doctors Decry Insufficient Equipment in Hospitals

Published by Deus Ntakirutimana
On 30 December 2012 saa 05:58
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In the International Organization of Migration (IOM) evaluation closing the year 2012, the specialist doctors from IOM revealed the lack of enough equipment in Rwandan Hospitals as a major challenge to their activities.

During the evaluation, IOM revealed its achievements in this year including operating patients, consultation, and providing special doctors to cure goitre but their specialist doctors revealed that equipment have been challenges in their works.

Dr. Spéciose Mukantaganda, a Gynecologist specialist from France operated 100 patients within two weeks at Kibagabaga Hospital.

She noted that during her service period, she was challenged by insufficient equipment, lack of bed covers and machines to operate patients.

The same challenges were noticed by Dr Jean Berchmas Bizimungu, an anesthesiologist from France IOM mission to Rwanda in CHUK.

Dr.Theobald Hatangimana Director of CHUK Hospital reacted on the challenges revealed by those doctors saying that the problem of equipment will be solved gradually not directly.

“Perhaps those doctors compare the environment from European countries to Rwanda as poor country?” Dr.Hatangimana noted.

Despite the challenges faced doctors from IOM, The Minister of health in Rwanda Dr. Agnes Binagwaho congratulated IOM for their non-profit activities achieved in this year in health sector in Rwanda and requested the IOM to expand its partnership with more hospitals.

IOM is an International Organization of Migration. It pays for Doctors to be sent in developing countries.

In Rwanda IOM has sent eight special doctors who operated patients with various illnesses in CHUB, CHUK, Ruhengeri, Kibagabaga and Kabgayi hospitals.