Irish potato dealers defaulting directives fined with Rwf500,000

On 27 December 2017 at 10:10

Defaulters of directives on Irish Potato dealership have been fined with Rwf500,000 each.

The wholesalers were Tuesday found selling Irish potatoes at Giti Cy’Inyoni, a Kigali suburb, while new directives require them to do it from Nzove in Kanyinya Sector of Nyarugenge District.

Rwanda National Police seized the cars that were transporting over 80 metric tonnes of Irish Potatoes yesterday late at night and immediately detained them at Nyarugenge Police Station.

Dealers who spoke to the national broadcaster, RBA, said that they were unable to raise the fines as their products remain seized and are perishing from the police station.

“We cannot afford that amount of money. These Irish potatoes are perishing and we cannot sell them to pay the fines. Now, where can we find the money?” said one of the dealers.

Minister for Trade and Industry, Vincent Munyeshyaka said that the fined were defaulting directives that were set to improve Irish Potato dealership.

“We previously found poor operations in the sector, we gave them good direction and we currently have constant prices on the market. The price is between Rwf220 and Rwf250 per kilogram, having reduced from between Rwf350 and Rwf450 at the markets some days ago,” said Munyeshyaka.

He said the directives were set after consultations with all parties in the business and all must, therefore, respect them.