Irondo is a collective responsibility-Governor Kazayire

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On 11 November 2016 saa 01:09
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The Governor of the Eastern Province, Judith Kazayire has urged the residents to give value and empower community night patrols commonly known as Irondo, as the first line of safety and security in their localities.

The Governor made the call early this week as she addressed residents of Nzige Sector in Rwamagana District.

The meeting was also attended by the Eastern Regional Police Commander (RPC), Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Dismas Rutaganira.

“Our safety cannot be left solely to security organs neither should it be left to those Irondo volunteers in our villages; it is a collective responsibility at all levels which requires exchange of information on suspicious elements in the neighbourhood,” said Governor Kazayire.

She noted that “inclusive Irondo and neighbourhood watch” will effectively deal with issues related cattle theft, drug abuse and gender based violence, among others.

“Under community policing, you are equally empowered to watch out and be your neighbors’ keepers,” she noted.

She rooted for collaboration between the public, local leaders and security organs in security and development programmes.

ACP Rutaganira noted that community policing and timely information sharing have played an essential part in responding to crime.

‘It is paramount that you strengthen the spirit of ownership in policing by providing real time information to facilitate quick response to crime and arrest of suspects to face justice,” ACP Rutagania said.

The area police commanders also asked the masses to avoid excessive alcohol consumption and abusing illicit drugs which largely fuel domestic conflicts and child abuse.