Itorero suspended over malaria

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 6 January 2016 saa 09:30
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The National Itorero Commission has unexpectedly suspended the civic education of secondary leaving students which was slated for 6th to 18th January, 2016 over the increased cases of malaria across the country.

The Ministry of Local Government has, via twitter account, confirmed widespread news on social media that the civic education (Itorero) for secondary leaving students has been postponed.

The communications officer at MINALOC, Ngendahimana Ladislas, says local leaders were informed about the decision since the invitations of attending civic education had passed through their hands.

“We can’t let children suffer from mosquito bites while they are not protected. The decision was taken after the meeting reserved for preparations of the civic education where a consensus was reached to avail basic materials including mosquito nets and mosquito repelling drugs,” he said.

Ngendahimana said that a video conference has been held between concerned stakeholders to address the issue.

District executive secretaries, the head of National Itorero Commission, education officers in districts, representatives of sports and culture among others are expected to attend the meeting in which the new schedule of Itorero is supposed to be announced.

Every year, outgoing secondary students attend Itorero where they are trained on values of Rwanda, civic education and government programs.

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Outgoing secondary students during the previous civic education