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Jeannette Kagame urges Christians on family harmonization
Published on 1-08-2016 - at 10:39' by Théophile Niyitegeka

Madam Jeannette Kagame has requested members of Mothers’ Union to collaborate in promoting people’s livelihoods and preserving harmony among families experiencing conflicts.

She made the call yesterday in a ceremony of celebrating Golden Jubilee of Mothers’ Union in Rwanda and 140 years since its inception.

The ceremony was held in Kibagabaga sector of Gasabo district in Kigali city.

Madam Jeannette Kagame who attended a gospel crusade which preceded the celebrations, cited Bible verses saying that having a good wife is a blessing from God while such a wife is a gift of God. She noted that a good wife should carry the values of humanity.

She lauded Mothers’ Union in Rwanda for the role it plays in reconciliation over the past 22 years where it participated in charitable activities, caring about people in grief, healing wounds in families, and highlighting unity as the greatest principle of the church and promoting Rwandan community.

“50 years of existence in Rwanda has brought many achievements. However the journey ahead is still long. Rwanda experienced genocide and human rights violation. Mothers Union never relented in ensuring sanity and continuity of families,” she said, urging Christians to be social actors in enhancing positive transformations and harmony among families.

“Divorce among couples is worrying nowadays. A household should resemble a small heaven but remember that it is also a small Rwanda. Destroying the family affects the whole Rwanda. What should we do to find the solution starting from Christians of Anglican church gathered here today and Rwandan community in general?” she wondered.

The First Lady stressed the need to seek ways of capacitating the youth to stay away from premature pregnancies and drug abuse and called on Mothers’ Union members and all parents to engage in talks with children enabling them to make good choices and direction of their lives before the situations run out of their hands.

The Mothers’ Union Chairperson in Rwanda, Josephine Mujawiyera Rwaje said that they have helped several families to live peacefully, raising children with good manners and education rooted on gospel and moral values of Rwanda’s culture.

The President of International Mothers’ Union, Lynne Tembey noted that Mothers’ union in Rwanda is bearing fruits.

The Archbishop of Anglican Church in Rwanda, Onesphore Rwaje said that members of Mothers’ Union pledged to fight against the evil tending to destroy the community and families.

Mothers’ Union in Rwanda has 24,450 members.

Mothers’ union was launched in England in 1876 by Mary Sumner, a wife of George Henry Sumner who was a leader in the Anglican Church across the World.

The organization reached Rwanda in 1965 with the aim of making a woman the foundation of the family and a church rooted on Christianity principles.Today Mothers’ union operates in 11 dioceses of the country.

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Madam Jeannette Kagame and the president of International Mothers’ Union, Lynne Tembey (on the left); the Minister of Gender and Family Promotion, Dr. Diane Gashumba (the third from left); the Mothers’ Union Chairperson in Rwanda, Josephine Rwaje (the second from right) and Rev. Onesphore Rwaje, the Archbishop of Anglican church in Rwanda on the right in a ceremony of celebrating the anniversary of Mothethes’ union held in Kibagabaga sector ,Gasabo district of Kigali city yesterday.



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