Joint taskforce to streamline operations of commercial motorcyclists

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On 24 March 2017 saa 11:27
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The recently constituted joint taskforce to oversee and streamline the operations of commercial motorcycle operators says it has made great strides to reorganize members and its cooperatives.

The unit was established in January this year to partner with other entities like Rwanda Utility Regulatory Authority (RURA), Rwanda Cooperative Agency (RCA), and the federation of motorcycle cooperatives to reorganize the motorcycle business, prevent fatal accidents largely caused by or involving motorcyclists, malpractices related to bribery, and ensures professionalism of the motorcycle security personnel.

There were also concerns of motorcyclists who were either direct or indirectly involved in crimes.

In an interview, the spokesperson for the department of Traffic and Road Safety, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Emmanuel Kabanda, said: “Those who were directly involved in crime were committing offences like theft of their colleagues motorcyclists, stealing from passengers, reckless riding that could lead to accidents and drug trafficking while those that were indirectly involved in criminal activities were those that knowingly transported criminal or riding without any documents,” said CIP Kabanda.

“The joint team aims at ensuring that all motorcycles are registered in cooperatives with an authorization from RURA, build a database with records about every motorcycles and motorcyclist, and ensure that their security personnel operate under contracts rather than the current structure where they are paid according to the number of fines they have issued,” he added.

There was also concerns abuse of office by heads of cooperatives including embezzlement, fraud, and misallocation of funds as well as poor record keeping, which according to CIP Kabanda, the joint team will tackle.

According to Kabanda, the team also found out that there were many motorcyclists who were operating illegally not registered, belonged to no cooperative as a prerequisite, have no transport authorization permit issued by RURA, and with no driver’s license.

“After the implementation of the recommendation by the joint taskforce, the motorcycle business will completely be revolutionarised in a matter that members will see more advantages in operating professionally in cooperatives, ride with care to ensure road safety.”