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On 3 September 2016 saa 04:08
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The second phase of civic education trainings for journalists is set to start in September, 2016.

The previous similar civic education for journalists was held in December last year and attended by more than 100.

The civic education expected to last 11 days will begin on September 28th, 2016 in Burera district of Northern Province.

Under such civic education trainings Rwandans are taught on patriotism, moral values, preserving Rwanda’s culture and self dignity among others.

The executive secretary of Media High Council, Peacemaker Mbungiramihigo says that the civic education for journalists has started bearing fruits.

“We have started witnessing the impact of civic education and we hope it will be the same for upcoming intake,” he said.

The Head of Media Affairs and Communication Department at Rwanda Governance Board, Mr. Gerald Mbanda also acknowledged that they have witnessed fruitful results of the civic education trainings for journalists.

“We have seen the performance improving and lauded by many people. Some activities have been executed while others are continuing,” he said.

The chairperson of National program of civic education, Rucagu Boniface has told IGIHE that civic education for journalists is showing positive progress based on results of the first intake in a similar training held last year.

“Journalists thought the civic training for them is hampering their freedom of expression but realized that it was not the case,” he said.

“We have planned that the next civic education for journalists will be held from September 18th to 28th September 2016 if nothing changes. We will definitely confirm this date after holding a meeting with the Ministry of Sports on September 6th 2016,” he added.

Boniface Rucagu said that journalists participating in the civic education are given free space to express their views.

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Some journalists who attended the previous civic education