Jules Sentore on Smartcash and convenient payments

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On 9 August 2016 saa 06:45
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Local debit card scheme SmartCash recently initiated a campaign aimed at promoting the usage of the card, highlighting convenience and ease. IGIHE caught up with JULES SENTORE, renowned local artist and Primus GumaGuma Super Star and also the Face of the campaign dubbed Ndayigendana to tell us more about it.

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Jules Sentore

QN: As the face of SmartCash kindly tell us more about it

Jules: SmartCash is Rwanda’s local debit card made in Rwanda aimed at facilitating customers to access their money and make payments anywhere they may be in the Country. It’s basically a tool for easy, safe and convenient transactions.

QN: Tell us more about what this card can do and what are the benefits of having it?

Jules: The SmartCash card packs in so much more; it can be used for a number of transactions majorly, payments on all Points of Sale (POS) terminals in Rwanda, transactions on all ATMs and online payments as well. It is in fact the only card in Rwanda that can be used on any POS and any ATM in Rwanda no matter where you are whether in a supermarket in Musanze or a fuel station in Cyangugu or dinning in some of the fancy restaurants in Kigali.

QN: That indeed sets the card apart. So we have also been seeing the billboards and TV/ Radio commercials on your social media about Ndayigendana.Tell us more about this big campaign.

Jules: Ndayigendana as you know means ‘I carry it with me’ so we are telling Rwandans to live a hassle and cash free life as they carry their SmartCash card with them.

Basically what we are saying is if you are going to take your wife, girlfriend or friends for dinner or go out with your boys, carry your SmartCash card, going to the supermarket or pharmacy or anywhere you may need to make a payment, carry your SmartCash card with you like you would your phone or anything that you can’t leave the house without.

QN: Where can any Rwandan that wishes to have a Smart Cash card get one?

Jules: Thank you for asking. Customers can get their SmartCash card at any of the SmartCash partner banks by simply requesting for it.These include: BPR and BRD which have now merged, Urwego Opportunity Bank, Crane Bank, I&M Bank and Zigama. All they have to do is request for it from their banks and enjoy the cashless life and convenience that comes with using SmartCash.

QN: Anything else you would like to share with our readers regarding the card?

Jules: Well… I will emphasize that SmartCash transactions on POS for payments are free and customers get to be charged only what they are paying for. SmartCash also is the only card in Rwanda that can be used on any ATM and POS. So I encourage all people to use a SmartCash card and enjoy the cashless life.