K-Club to Be CLosed Soon

Published by IGIHE
On 20 November 2012 saa 05:37
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Over the past four months, operations of Kobil fuel station in Nyarutarama had been suspended. Kobil station is located near K-Club.

Gasabo district authorities closed the station arguing it would endanger the safety of revelers at the club.

However, it has been established that K-Club has also been given two months to close down and Kobil fuel station reopened.

Mr. Murego Emile the Managing Director of BRIMA Business Center Ltd. that also runs K-Club has noted that he is surprised by the new directive to close K-Club.

Murego noted that there had been an agreement on the operations of K-Club and Kobil Fuel Station which Gasabo district is well aware of.

The Agreement stated that none of the parties would interfere with business operations of the other.

“There is no written document suspending operation of K-Club. However, we have only overheard of the decision that early 2013, K-Club will not be operational,” Murego told IGIHE.

Murego said that after learning of the K-Club closure news, he contacted Gasabo district authorities which told him, that the issue would be discussed.

“It’s hurting. I returned from Europe to invest in my country Rwanda. My company employs over 100 people. I don’t have anywhere to relocate my business.”

K-Club hosts over 1200 revelers on weekends.

Kobil Fuel station is located just a few meters away from K-Club Parking area.

Area residents told IGIHE that K-Club was built in 2008 before Kobil station was established in the area.

Both Businesses are said to have sought and granted legal papers to establish.

BRIMA Business Center Ltd a subsidiary of RIMDS Holdings which operate Woodlands Supermarket, K-Club, BRIMA Beauty Centre.

The business group also plans to openup W- Coffee Shop and a Bakery.