Kabila Urged to Arrest Gen. Kumba

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On 26 November 2012 saa 06:51
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A congolese group calling itself ‘Forces novatrices pour l’union et la solidarité (FONUS)’, has called on Kabila’s government to resign.

FONUS says Kinshasa government should resign for gross "irresponsibility, incompetence and cowardice."

The FONUS group also asked, Sunday 25 November, the President of the Republic, Joseph Kabila, to arrest Gen. Gabriel Amisi Kumba -Chief of Staff the army of the DRC that was suspended from duty since November 22.

Gen. Kumba is accused in a UN report of experts of selling weapons to armed groups operating in the eastern DRC.

On Sunday, during a press conference in Kinshasa, the FONUS Acting Secretary General, Emery Ukundji,noted that a ‘simple suspension is both inappropriate and unreliable.’

"Given the seriousness of that [selling weapons and ammunition to the rebels], the FONUS ask the Head of State to arrest him and the competent judicial authorities to hold a public trial without delay because the list of traitors is very long,” He said.

Ukundji also proposed that the M23 requests are forwarded by the President to Parliament for debate and the DRC declares a state of emergency.