Kaboneka urges household heads on recording domestic maids

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On 2 September 2016 saa 04:20
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The Minister of Local Government,Francis Kaboneka has appealed on local leaders to encourage motivate households to record identities of domestic servants as a way of facilitating investigations in case a servant flees after committing a crime.

He noted this on Monday in a meeting with Kigali city local leaders on security.

“If you stay without recording identities of domestic servants you are in trouble. As leaders, let us help our citizens and create awareness on this issue,” he said.

Kaboneka said that people using servants with no identifications are violating human rights since only children don’t have identity cards.

“You may employ a child below 18 years without identity card. That is a case of violating the law and has to be punished. When police inspects households, the child may be taken but you will be also arrested over employing a minor as a domestic servant,” he said.

“Knowing identities of the employed domestic servant ensures security since it will be easy to carry an investigation when there is a problem. On the other hand it will be hard to investigate the servant who flees after committing offences. Let’s take the first step of adopting it before mobilizing our citizens to make sure we know our domestic servants,” he added.

The matter of domestic servants fleeing after committing offences has been heard across the country.

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The Minister of Local Government,Francis Kaboneka