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Kaboneka warns on Ubudehe categorization
Published on 24-11-2016 - at 05:43' by IGIHE

The Minister of Local Government, Francis Kaboneka has requested citizens to be satisfied with their wealth, make a good use of it and avoid telling lies so as to be wrongly classified as poor to get support.

Kaboneka noted this at the end of last week as the Senate met various government entities to discuss programs meant to uplift citizens from poverty.

He cautioned citizens against the intentions of jumping from Ubudehe categories in which they are classified because it would bring negative consequences upon them in the future.

Kaboneka gave a testimony where he witnessed a cattle owner and a university student demanding to be classified among poor citizens.

“Sometimes citizens disqualify a person who is not worth to be classified in a particular category. I went somewhere and saw a person demanding to be classified in the category of poor yet he had ten cows. I asked him and confirmed that he owns the cows. I asked him what else he wanted and replied ‘how will my children access education?

“It is understandable that he doesn’t even know he can make a good use of own wealth but targets payment for school fees of his children. He wants to be classified in a particular category because there is a free scholarship and forgets that t is a loan that will be paid back after studies,” he added.

Minister Kaboneka said that university graduates should also stop demanding to be classified in the first and second Ubudehe categories.

“We visit citizens and find some university graduates seeking to be classified in the first and second Ubudehe category because they are jobless. Today, it looks like Ubudehe categories became a solution to joblessness,” he said.

He urged them to use acquired knowledge as an investment for self development and extend support to others.

Kaboneka appealed to all leaders to help in changing mindsets of Rwandans for self reliance.

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The Minister of Local Government, Francis Kaboneka



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