Kagame assures Catholic Church on renewed partnership

On 8 October 2017 at 09:22

President Paul Kagame has called upon Catholic Church to focus on the future of the country than its past, and promised them strong partnership in shared development values.

Kagame made the remark during the celebration of 100 year jubilee of sacerdotal service in Rwanda on Saturday in Muhanga.

The head of state emphasized lessons to learn from the government’s relation with Catholic Church in the past 100 years.

He said that priests and the church have played a big role in life and history of the country.

“Those activities include promoting Kinyarwanda language itself as the foundation of our culture. They developed writing skills, documented history, culture of the country and initiated research in traditional healing practices,”

Speaking about the discussions he had with Pope Francis in March this year, Kagame said that the government of Rwanda has had meaningful results and renewed partnership with the Catholic Church.

"Pope Francis leadership marks a new chapter in history, one that looks to the future and well being of Rwandans. We have the opportunity to learn from our past, focus on our future because we all have the same goal: to serve Rwandans. This chapter of our history is an opportunity for new partnership that serves the people of Rwanda: Let us work together to transform the lives of our citizens and ensuring no one is left behind", the president observed.

Kagame reminded that the Catholic Church and Rwandan government should learn from the past and peek lessons that will allow them to take cooperation forward.

“Nowadays, with politics and governance of the country, we have an opportunity to assess the past, so that our plans and visionbecome constructive to population regardless to their origin,” he said.

He called on Catholic Church leaders to work closely with the government to meet their responsibilities of enhancing welfare of Rwandans.

“Be it government or Church, we work together by serving Rwandans, ‘Christians’. We should not put this opportunity to waste. We need to add more efforts, simply, I thank Pope Francis for the opportunity he gave Rwanda to take the good cooperation forward,” Kagame added.

Kagame said that he shares with the church the target of developing the country.

“Actually, we share many things; we share Rwandanhood, human hood, and we all wish to be good people with dignity by looking forward than focusing on the past,” he said.

During Kagame’s visit in Vatican, Pope Francis apologized on behalf of Catholic Church that got involved in the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.