Kagame calls for Kinyarwanda language promotion

On 19 December 2017 at 02:53

President Paul Kagame has called for a stronger partnership among institutions to teach Kinyarwanda, Rwanda’s native language, in schools and the community so as to avoid rising poor usage that can lead to miscommunication among users.

The Head of State was speaking at the 15th National Dialogue Council, locally known as Umushyikirano, that kicked off in Kigali yesterday.

The call followed a discussion that revolved around ‘Values for Prosperity’.

However, the issue was raised by Bishop of Byumba Catholic Church Diocese, Servilien Nzakamwita, saying efforts that have been invested in science and ICT courses should be extended in teaching languages and Kinyarwanda in particular.

Kagame responded by insisting on the need to teach mother language and Rwandan culture especially among the youth, saying that it is a tool to help in the development journey.

He said that teaching Kinyarwanda should not be limited to schools as students would think that it is there for examinations and marks purposes.

Citing churches as an example, Kagame said that besides teaching Kinyarwanda in affiliated schools, institutions should contribute by offering lectures aimed at teaching Kinyarwanda in services.

“I don’t understand why it is not broadcasted on Radios and TVs. You should introduce some shows that bring experts to teach Kinyarwanda based on ordinary things,” he told institutions in charge.

Kagame urged children and youth to develop the spirit of learning, adding that it is less important to teach uncommitted people.

“If this issue is not given serious attention, we will see Kinyarwanda changing to the extent that people will get lost while speaking one language,” he cautioned.

Using some examples of false pronunciation of some words, Kagame said that some words tend to change the meaning when are improperly pronounced.

He called on members of the community to invest many efforts in learning Kinyarwanda, saying that there is not a shame for those unable to speak it properly as a result of their backgrounds.

At the 13th Umushyikirano in 2015, the issue of mother tongue was also raise and the thirteenth resolution recommended that Kinyarwanda language and Rwandan values be taught in all schools starting from primary to university.

Kagame speaks at the 15th National Dialogue Council
Bishop of Byumba Catholic Church Diocese, Servilien Nzakamwita