Kagame continues to draw mammoth crowds, promises more in nation building

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On 24 July 2017 saa 09:35
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The RFP-Inkontanyi candidate President Paul Kagame, who is set to win with a landslide, continues to draw huge crowds to his rallies, unlike his opponents.

On Saturday, the incumbent campaigned in Nyagatare the largest and second most populous district in Rwanda located in Eastern Province, before continuing his campaign trail to Gatsibo and Kayonza.

Before addressing a rally in Nyagatare, Gatunda the supporters sang “Ni wowe” meaning “It is you” and “Kagame wacu” , our Kagame.

The RPF Chairman said that Nyagatare District is a symbol of national unity and diversity ushered in by the RPF Inkotanyi after the Genocide against the Tutsi.

“Nyagatare is a symbol of unity and diversity. It’s probably the only district whose residents came from other parts of the country,” He said

Before the liberation of the country in 1994, three-quarters of Nyagatare was part of the Akagera National Park and the government of national unity decided to re-demarcate the park ensure a better habitat for the animals and also find space for people.

President Kagame called upon Nyagatare residents in particular and Rwandans, in general, to work hard to ensure bequeathing Rwanda to the future generation a country that is developed, secure and united.

“We lived here in Gatundu, we fought hard from here, we won. After we won, we embarked on rebuilding this region and we are not done yet,” said the Chairman.

He hailed the continued partnership with other political organizations that had joined RPF Inkotanyi supporters for the rally, just like on other rallies, saying that nothing beats a unity of purpose.

In Nyagatare, Kagame told the supporters that the district has made strides but there is a lot more he will do for them when he remains in office in the next seven years.

“There is a lot ahead that we want to achieve, all you need is to be patient because there is a lot in store for us. I will work to ensure that no citizens are left behind in the development journey of the country.”

He then addressed over 100,000 residents of Gatsibo District on the third campaign stop of the day that he began by addressing two back-to-back rallies in Nyagatare.

“We can endure any challenges we face because they are leading us to an even better future,” he said to the applause of the residents.”

He told them that much has been achieved but there is still a long way to go, adding that August 4 was an important date for Rwandans in their continued quest for sustainable development.

“The next seven years should leave us in a better place in terms of development and I have no doubt about that,” he said in the rally he addressed from Kabeza, Kiziguro Sector of Gatsibo.

He thanked the other political organizations that chose to work with the RPF Inkotanyi in the interest of Rwandan people.

In Kayonza, he thanked the residents saying that he loves to greet them in evening because they are neighbors.

RPF-Intonkanyi supporters who lined up along the Rwamagana-Kayonza route waved and sang about the achievements made by Kagame in Rwanda for all those years he has been President.