Kagame, First Lady host children’s annual party

On 4 December 2017 at 09:46

President Paul Kagame and First Lady, Jeannette Kagame yesterday received children from across the country for a yearly event to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

The event attracts children between 7 and 12 years from all districts under the auspices of Village Urugwiro, Imbuto Foundation and Unity Club staffs.

The 2017 children’s party was marked with showcasing different talents among children.

Kagame told children that the event aimed at wishing them good end year in good health as the country expects much from them.

“You are the leaders of the country for tomorrow. For the country to develop well, there should be good leaders, but these leaders come from little children who get decent childhood education. When children receive childhood education, they grow up as right people and leaders. That’s where the country benefits from,” Kagame said.

He urged them on good behaviors and to focus on their studies so that they will serve themselves and the country.

“As your parents we wish you all the best. As your leaders, we wish for continued progress every year, in learning or in behaviors,” he said.

Doreen Akariza from Gasabo District said it was a joyful day to share the festive party with the president as well as getting gifts from them.

“I’m extremely happy for my first time to see President Kagame. I was happy to hear that I’m selected among children who will come here. I will tell my colleagues how I saw the president. I will greet my parents as he requested us,” said Devotha Nduwayo from Musanze District.