Kagame joins UN’s circle of leadership in prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse

On 26 September 2017 at 02:29

President Paul Kagame has joined the Circle of Leadership on the prevention of and response to sexual exploitation and abuse.

On 18th September 2017, Kagame and 56 Heads of State or Government accepted the Secretary-General’s invitation and e joined the Circle.

The United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres called on world leaders, heads of international and regional organizations, and key civil society partners to stand with him in solidarity to condemn the scourge of sexual exploitation and abuse.

Through this extraordinary demonstration of political commitment, the Member States and the United Nations commit themselves to measurably improve the Organisation’s effectiveness in preventing sexual exploitation and abuse and pledge to put the rights and dignity of victims at the centre of their efforts.

The Secretary-General stressed that sexual exploitation and abuse is a global menace from which no country, institution, or family is immune

“It is a moral and organizational imperative to put an end to sexual exploitation and abuse”Guterres stressed

The Secretary-General thanked Member States for their contributions to the Victims’ Trust Fund and formally marked the establishment of his Circle of Leadership on the prevention and response to sexual exploitation and abuse in United Nations.

This initiative serves as a visible demonstration of commitment and resolve at the highest levels of government across the Member States to end impunity, strengthen measures to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse, and give the victims the justice and assistance they deserve.

The Secretary-General also invited key non-governmental partners to the High-Level Meeting to collaborate with the United Nations in this effort, recognizing the important role of civil society in protecting vulnerable groups from acts of sexual exploitation and abuse.

The Secretary-General encouraged civil society and humanitarian organizations to work more closely with the United Nations, as there is so much to gain from closer interaction and collective efforts on the ground to strengthen preventative and responsive measures.

Together, united in common purpose and interconnected in multi-stakeholder partnerships, the Organization, Member States and civil society members can be an unstoppable force to make zero tolerance of sexual exploitation and abuse a reality, he said.

H.E Paul Kagame at the just concluded UNGA