Kagame nominated RPF flag bearer

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On 18 June 2017 saa 07:35
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Paul Kagame has been elected flag bearer of RPF, Inkotanyi, in upcoming presidential polls.

The decision has been taken following nominations that brought together RPF Inkotanyi congress held yesterday at the new headquarters of RPF in Rusororo.

Kagame has earned1,929 votes among 1930 voters as only 1 vote got nulled.

The commissioner in RPF Inkotanyi, Gasamagera Wellars who has coordinated the exercise told the voting assembly that President Paul Kagame was nominated in previous RPF elections nominating the part’s flag bearer held in all provinces and Kigali city.

Given time to share ideas, RPF commissioner Sheikh Abdul Kareem Harerimana also said that he too supports President Kagame in line with the party members’ endorsement of his candidature from village level.

No other delegate nominated another candidate other than Paul Kagame.The commissioner in RPF Inkotanyi, Gasamagera said elections regulations indicate that a selected candidate has to be consulted for approval adding that Paul Kagame can’t be consulted again because he already accepted.

Presidential elections are slated for 3rd August in the diaspora and 4th August 2017 inside the country.

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President Paul Kagame casting the ballot during the congress of RPF Inkotanyi.
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President Paul Kagame chats with vice president of RPF Inkotanyi, Bazivamo Christophe as the General secretary of RPF-Inkotanyi François Ngarambe cast the ballot