Kagame promises to eradicate Poverty in Nyabihu

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On 27 July 2017 saa 11:46
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The RPF-Inkotanyi presidential candidate, Paul Kagame reassured residents in Nyabihu District that his government will make poverty history once he is elected back in the top office.

The incumbent President was campaigning in the Western district on Wednesday before thousands of his supporters at Groupe Scolaire Rambure.

Kagame said that partnership and collaboration among Rwandans will remain key in driving the country’s path to development.

“Nothing will be impossible for us if we continue working together. Our goals are development, security, unity, and let’s work to achieve them,” he said, urging residents in Nyabihu to vote for him in the forthcoming presidential election.

He promised to keep improving essential infrastructures such as roads, electricity, and schools.

“You need to give us a chance so we can continue to work towards achieving so much more of these essential things,” he said.

He said that under his government, more women and children will have a decent life because he wants to eradicate poverty and malnutrition in the country.

“We don’t want any more malnourished children because we have enough food. We want to eradicate poverty, we want to end malnutrition and in the next seven years we shall continue to work towards achieving these goals,” he said.

Residents Nyabihu credit President Kagame for promoting unity and reconciliation, which have been essential for bringing back peace and security in their area, promoting education for all children, and improving agriculture and livestock farming.