Kagame tells Rwandans to embrace 2018 with progressive determination

On 1 January 2018 at 01:01

President Paul Kagame has ushered Rwandans into the New Year 2018 with a call for working together and commitment to foster the country’s progress.

Kagame delivered the message in a televised End-of-Year speech on the last night of 2017.

The Head of State stated that 2017 had been a remarkable year for Rwanda.

“We have made significant progress in key areas.”

He urged everyone to continue the path of progress and avoid falling back.

"I want us to continue on this path of progress we have been on for some years to ensure that nothing can reverse this or destabilize our country."

He urged Rwandans to ensure that those seeking to cripple Rwanda fail in their quest.

"There will always be those who want to undermine Rwanda. We must ensure that they never succeed, wherever they come from or whatever means they have."

"This is why building our capabilities is essential. We have seen that when Rwandans work together, no goal is unattainable.We must work together to ensure our progress is sustainable for generations to come."

The President reminded Rwandans that "Everyone must play their part."

Kagame wished Rwandans success in 2018 and a year of big strides in Rwanda’s vision for Unity, development, and security.

Rwandans have ended the year 2017 and got into 2018 in style. While some were gathered for the fireworks marking the beginning of year 2018, others were enjoying the performance of Afro-Popstars Yemi Alade and Sauti Sol.