Kagame urges African ambassadors in China on achieving common goal

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On 19 March 2017 saa 05:31
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President Paul Kagame has called on African ambassadors in China to connecting Africa as one and work together for common interests.

Kagame made yesterday on the second day of his state visit to China where he arrived on Friday.

"Africa is large and complex, we want to look at Africa as one, even when we are aware that it has different aspects to it, we refer to it as one. This oneness is very important,” he said.

“I would like to emphasize that unity amongst Africans is key, all working towards a common goal. Now the task remains how we implement the needs of the people, our people,” he added.

Kagame tasked African ambassadors to China to strive for united Africa to overcome challenges leading to successfulness of the minority.

“Why only a handful of African countries should do well, while others continue to struggle and yet we are so interconnected and interdependent. As African ambassadors, you need to keep the message alive that we need to keep working together at all levels of leadership. We need to keep looking out for each other’s best interests. If we implement this belief, there is nothing stopping us from succeeding."

President Kagame who has concluded the two days visit to China was accompanied by first lady among other top government officials.

As he arrived in China on Friday, president Kagame met his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping and discussed promoting bilateral relations.

Xi hailed the growth of bilateral ties over the past 46 years, citing enhanced political trust, trade cooperation and cultural exchanges.

He called on both sides to further deepen trust, boost personnel exchanges, share governance experience and keep close contact in global and regional affairs.

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President Paul Kagame addressing African ambassadors in China yesterday.