Kagame urges African countries on collaboration to address insecurity

By John Mbaraga
On 13 November 2017 at 09:17

President Paul Kagame has said that when countries fail to cooperate and, instead, operate in isolation, they leave room for creation of fertile ground for the flourishing of insecurity.

Kagame was speaking at the International Conference Center of Dakar at the International Forum on Peace and Security in Africa that is taking place in Senegal.

The two day conference is conducted under the theme ‘Current security challenges in Africa towards integrated solutions’

The head of State said that insecurity takes many forms from security to uncontrolled migration to divisive politics.

“Whatever the challenge is, we can successfully address it by working together, this means coordinating among ourselves as Africans. If we allow others to define our problems and take responsibility for solving them, we have ourselves to blame” he said.

Kagame said that a major pillar of institutional reform of the African Union (AU) is a more focused and assertive.

He said that African unity and resolve does not negate the importance of productive collaboration with external partners.

“The spirit of collaboration must extend beyond governments; stability is built on a foundation of trust and rising prosperity from which all citizens benefit,” he said.

Rwanda’s experience

Kagame said that Rwanda has developed a logic where citizens and private sector are involved.

“This is the logic behind our experience in Rwanda, a logic that a consultative form of politics in which citizens and private sector are involved and offers the best prospects,” he explained.

On a panel discussion on peace and security were President of Senegal, Macky Sall and President of MaliIbrahim Boubacar Keïta, African Union Commission Chairperson, Mahamat Moussa Faki and Chad Prime MinisterAlbert Pahimi Padacké, Kagamesaid that on priorities for AU reform, it is important to stress the unity of Africa coming together and tackling problems together.

“When people are united they act and speak as one voice, we must take responsibility for ourselves, which doesn’t include partners but they add to our efforts” he said.

“We must take full responsibility in defining our problems and financing efforts where working together is key,” Kagame stressed.

President Kagame on military solution to combat terrorism or focus on inequalities that drive people to terrorism, he said that there is no one cause.

“There are multiple causes and multiple sources. Therefore there cannot be one solution but multiple solutions and efforts. It is important that countries work together, those without problems with those with problems.So approach cannot be just military, working together means each country does what they can to address the problems” Kagame noted.

“At the same time we want countries to work together so that what is affecting you doesn’t affect me tomorrow.The inequalities you mentioned sometimes feed into justification used by people to create instability” he added.

Kagame reminded participants that it is important to talk about integrated solutions, security and development as well as governance.

The international Forum on Peace and Security in Africabrings together close to 400 participants from high-level regional and international political and military authorities, experts, academics from the African Union, the European Union and the United Nations and civil society