Kamonyi: Man arrested over driver’s licence forgery

Published by Police
On 13 January 2017 saa 08:57
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A driver in Kamonyi District has been arrested after he was found using a forged driver’s license. Norbert Nsanziyeze, 40, currently detained at Runda Police Station, was apprehended on Wednesday.

According to Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Theobald Kanamugire, the police spokesperson for the Southern Province, Nsanziyeze had been in last December caught violating traffic rules and regulations.

“He was penalized for violating road safety standards, and on January 11 after clearing the fine, he came to collect his license which had been confiscated but officers in the process noticed that it was forged, and he was immediately taken into custody,” he said.

“Preliminary investigations indicate that Nsanziyeze forged his genuine license. He had category B but he forged it and added category D,” he added.

In December, last year, the Rwanda National Police (RNP) department of Traffic and Road Safety launched and operation, partly to identify and apprehend motorists holding forged driver’s license.

Later in that month, the police managed to break five separate groups involving 16 suspects, who were arrested red-handed forging the permit, majority in the City of Kigali.

Those arrested then, included one Utazirubanda, who was on the list of those wanted over forgery and issuance of forged driver’s license.

At the time, Utazirubanda was also found with a list of 13 people, whom he reportedly conned and gave fake permits, majority who are believed to be motorcyclists.

Police has since made it clear that “anyone holding a permit, well knowing that you didn’t sit for the tests” is forged and that holder’s should “voluntarily surrender it” to the nearest police station, adding that there will be no criminal liability.

It is said that some people pose as ‘police brokers’ but the traffic department has maintained that ‘registering and doing driver’s license tests are done individually’ with no ‘third party.’

The traffic department has since provided contacts for the public to report anyone involved in such criminal acts. They include 0788311502, 0788311215, 0788311110 and 0788311114.