Karamaga who hid Agatha’s body threatened

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On 13 April 2017 saa 03:30
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The Senate President, Bernard Makuza has assured security to Karamaga Thadée, a retired EX-FAR soldier who rescued many Tutsi during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi and hid the body of former Prime Minister, Uwiringiyimana Agathe but currently under threats by people living outside the country for his deeds.

Karamaga was a caporal in EX-FAR.

Karamaga has testified to the pains he went through in rescuing some Tutsi during the genocide.

Karamaga, resident of Burera district, Northern Province, led burial of soldiers killed during war in Kanombe Military camp.

“I was called on 8th April 1994 by my commander Major Ntibihora. He informed me that the body of Uwiringiyimana Agathe is laid in the ambulance and asked me to bury her as soon as possible,” he said.

“I took the body, laid her in a coffin and hid it under the area where bodies of people that died with Habyarimana were kept. When he made follow up later, I told him that I had already buried Agathe,” he said.

Karamaga has unveiled that he will always stand for the truth despite the fact that he is increasingly threatened by various people for his deeds.

He explained that he received threatening, abusing messages as he replied unknown call from a German-based person in November 2016, saying he later received similar threatening calls from DRC and Asia.

Makuza has said that no threats should bar Karamage from standing for the truth.

“No threat should dent your resolve. No one will oppress you. You decided to stand for the truth; tell what you know because it is important to all of us,,” he said.

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Karamaga Thadée