Karongi residents called to break silence on GBV

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 20 April 2017 saa 11:03
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Residents of Karongi District have been called upon to stand up against gender based violence and fully take part in public safety activities.

The call was made by the District vice Mayor in Charge of Economic Development, Innocent Gakuru, during a campaign held in Mushubati Sector and attracted about 2000 residents.

Present was also the District Police Commander (DPC) Supt. Boniface Kagenza.

This was after an exercise to spray pesticides against Armyworms - a type of crop pest– has infested farmers’ crops mainly cereals.

The vice mayor told residents to be active partners of the Police through real time information sharing especially on GBV and child abuse related crimes.

He noted that there are some people, who take advantage of other’s vulnerability to abuse them, violate their rights adding that combating such irregularities “requires ownership of every individual and reporting every single case you come across.”

“GBV is real and it’s a responsibility for each one of us to use the possible means in our midst to eliminate it. This is not a one man’s fight…it concerns everyone,” said Gakuru

Supt. Kagenza, in his remarks, said: “Sharing such information is a contribution to national development since it helps in ensuring that our societies are safe from any form of violence. Remember, a community that is safe focuses more on developing itself than spending much time in conflicts.”

He noted that overcoming crimes committed against women, girls and children such as rape, battery, child neglect and human trafficking requires collective efforts.

“Anything that results in physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women should be prohibited and fought against by everyone in society. Such acts are a challenge to public health, a barrier to social and economic development, and undermine the safety and dignity of individuals,” said the DPC.

He urged them to always attend community meeting and help to increase awareness about GBV as well as find proactive ways to provide counseling and support survivors of GBV.