Kasha opens up a platform availing women health products via mobile phones

On 1 December 2017 at 10:54

Kasha steps in Kigali this November 30th, 2017. Kasha leads the way being among the first e-commerce platforms that can be accessed through mobile phones, enabling easy and reliable services across the country.

The Kasha journey began in 2016 with a blueprint for both a technology platform and a profitable social business. Kasha is a company allowing anyone to confidentially and discretely get health and personal care products delivered to their location of choice in Kigali.

Kasha co-Founder Joanna Bischel and Kasha Country Director Dianne Dusaidi along with Rwanda Development Board (RDB) Registrar General Louise Kanyonga and Dr. Anicet Nzabonimpa from Ministry of Health spoke to the press at the media briefing held at Kasha offices. The media also received demonstrations of the innovative Kasha experience through its beautifully set up showroom.

Dianne Dusaidi said Kasha is providing health and beauty services to Rwandan women and men based on their lifestyles. She stated that Rwanda is the perfect starting point for Kasha as an e-commerce business particularly because of access to innovative technology as well as cashless payment solutions that are offered to their customers.

Louise Kanyonga lauded the importance of women owned business particularly in ICT. “We want to see businesses owned by women growing. Currently women owned business are at 27%. RDB supports increasing the number of women owned businesses in the country and it is good to see Kasha contributing to that. In an industry where you don’t usually see technology come in, Kasha has taken a basic customer need and, using technology addresses that need for customers. Kasha is a business that addresses a social need while making a profit as well. We need to create more businesses that address social needs,” she said.

Joanna Bischel said Kasha is taking advantage of the power of technology and accessibility across the country.

“The phone is the perfect tool for that, it allows people to browse and select the products they need which enables Kasha to reach people with last mile connectivity. People are not used to the flow of e-commerce, so we have made it as easy as buying airtime.”

Kasha is optimized for confidentiality, convenience, quality and affordability. Pharmaceuticals are delivered in partnership with KiPharma and ARBEF.

Dr. Anicet Nzambonimpa, representing the Ministry of Health said “Kasha is supporting the Government of Rwanda in terms of doing business better, providing good services to our population particularly in the important areas of concern such as hygiene and sanitation.”

As an innovative business providing health products to mostly girls and women, Kasha is ensuring that they have an opportunity to address their health concerns and potentially prevent unwanted health issues.

While Kasha is live and has already delivered thousands of orders in Kigali, in December 2017 Kasha will officially launch its e-commerce platform alongside key partners including Ministry of Health, Rwanda Biomedical Centre, KIPharma, ARBEF and Unilever.

Kasha team- Amanda Arch, Joanna Bichsel, Dianne Dusaidi
Francine Uwase (Kasha Marketing Director) speaking on Kasha’s Health and beauty services to Rwandan women and men based on their lifestyles
The Showroom where several products could be found
Dianne Dusaidi with RDB’s Registrar General, Louise Kanyonga
Dr. Anicet Nzabonimpa Ministry of Health