Kayonza: Motorcyclists warned against abetting crime

Published by Police
On 19 November 2016 saa 03:28
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Commercial motorcyclists operating in Kayonza District have been cautioned against engaging or facilitating criminality.

The call was made by the District Police Commander (DPC) Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) John Nsanzimana during a meeting with the motorcyclists on Thursday.

The meeting followed various cases of drug trafficking involving the motorcyclist.

“We have information that some of you get involved in transporting narcotic drugs and drug dealers while others consume drugs, an act that will not be, and neither should you allow some of your members to tarnish your business image,” CIP Nsanzimana said.

“No doubt motorcyclists play a big part in economic development and majority of those involved know what they are doing, and actually and partners in policing but we have to work together to keep that required image by reporting members, who hide behind it to commit crimes.”

The DPC also urged them to respect traffic rules and regulations, avoid over speeding and riding while drunk, which cause fatal accidents.

The meeting agreed on a regular collaborative framework with all stakeholders to fight unlawful tendencies among commercial transporters and crimes in general.