Kayonza: Police calls for ownership in fighting crime

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On 3 April 2017 saa 07:59
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Residents of Kayonza District have been urged to work with local leaders and security organs in identifying and reporting crime.

Parents and guardians were also asked to monitor their children especially in these holidays not to indulge in illegal activities like abusing drugs.

The call was made by the Acting District Police Commander, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP),John Nsanzimana during a meeting that was also attended by Members of Parliament, local leaders, and civil society including religious leaders.

He said that the concept of community policing that empowers everyone to fight and prevent crimes, tasks local leaders to lead and champion this proactive initiative.

Community policing committees are composed of the local leaders at the village and cell levels.

“Work with the people and create a smooth flow of information on injustices happening in families like domestic and gender based violence, and child abuse,” the DPC said.

He also said that ill-advised youth are commonly found abusing drugs which influences their illegal behaviors.

“Drug abuse has negative consequences such as luring teens into sexual acts, dropping out of school and end up indulging in other criminal activities like house break-inns and selling illicit drugs. We need to work together not only to fight but also to prevent them by identifying and reporting dealers,” CIP Nsanzimana said.

He further appealed to the youth to refrain and step up against the vice, and share information with security organs regarding those involved.