Kenya Chief Justice Claims State intimidation

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On 21 February 2013 saa 12:47
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The Kenya Chief Justice Willy Mutunga now claims he has received threats from the dreaded Mungiki sect warning him of dire consequences if the courts issued a ruling against Jubilee presidential candidates Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto, in their integrity case.

The CJ told journalists on Wednesday that he received a letter on February 18, cautioning him against issuing such a verdict that would stop the two from seeking the presidency.

Mutunga added that the letter, dated February 13, also issued grave threats to ambassadors and judges reminding them of past Mungiki deeds.

He noted that more than five judges had been attacked in the recent pasts with some of the attacks involving lethal weapons.

“My office received a poison pen letter from the Mungiki Veterans Group/ Kenya Sovereignty Defence Squad and it warns against an adversarial ruling on the presidential and deputy presidential candidacy of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto,” he said.

On February 15, two days after the supposed letter was written, the High Court issued a ruling clearing Kenyatta and Ruto.

Mutunga further accused the State of harassment recalling an instance on February 14 when an immigration official tried to bar him from travelling to Dar-es-Salaam since he did not purportedly have clearance from the Head of the Civil Service Francis Kimemia.

He also said that judicial officers were being politically intimidated, ahead of the March 4 general election, but made it clear that he would not be cowed.

“It requires quite some courage, ignorance or political patronage or a combination of all three for an immigration officer, on his own motion, to summon the confidence to stop a Chief Justice from travelling,” he said.