Kenya:Police recover slain officer’s gun at suspected terrorist’s house in Mombasa

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On 1 October 2016 saa 04:10
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A firearm recovered from the house of terror suspect Ismail Mohammed Shosi, who was killed on Tuesday, belongs to an officer shot dead by unknown gunmen in January.

The firearm, a G3 rifle, was stolen by the gangsters on a motorcycle after killing the officer in Kwale County.

The officer was identified as Nelson Mwadime from Likoni Police Station.

The policeman was shot three times at close range and died instantly as the criminals fled on a motorcycle.

The gangsters stole the officer’s loaded G3 rifle when he was escorting a van ferrying maize flour to Pungu area, Shika Adabu, Kwale County.

The van was ambushed on the Likoni-Ukunda road.

Mombasa County Police Commander Patterson Maelo has confirmed to the Nation that the firearm, serial number KP 005698, belonged to the slain officer.


He said they were pursuing other rifles which are in the wrong hands.

“We are committed to this war and we are going to ensure that we recover all those rifles. We will make Mombasa regain its glory soon,” said Mr Maelo.

In July, police said the same gun was believed to be used by the thugs who had been robbing M-Pesa shops in the Likoni.

Shosi, 27, was shot dead on Tuesday after police raided the rental house where he was hiding, at Mwandoni in Kisauni, Mombasa.

Kisauni OCPD, Richard Ngatia said also recovered were 188 rounds of ammunitions, and terror training manuals which Shosi had been using to escape police dragnets.

Police in Mombasa had been trailing Shosi for the last two years before they finally gunned him down Tuesday.

He was killed in the house of a widow of another terror suspect, Kassim Omollo, Fatuma Masuo, who is now being pursued by the police.

Police have announced that Ms Musuo is armed and dangerous and have put a Sh2 million bounty put on her head.

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A rental house where wanted terror suspect Ismail Mohammed Soshi was hiding before he was shot dead by police.