Kicukiro: 41 anti-crime clubs in schools acquire tips on community policing

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On 28 February 2017 saa 08:42
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About 328 students, who are among the members of the 41 anti-crime clubs in various schools in Kicukiro District, recently converged at Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centre (IPRC-Kigali) in a one day training that was aimed at improving their understanding on community policing and crime prevention and reduction in particular.

Each of the 41 clubs was represented by at least eight students.

There are at least 86 anti-crime clubs in Kicukiro, with 21 others composed of commercial cyclists; 14 of commercial motorcyclists; 8 of barbers and hair-dressers, and two of casual labourers.

During the meeting organized by the District Police Unit (DPU) of Kicukiro, students discussed the role of community policing committees, and the impact of their clubs in improving and maintain security.

Speaking to the students, the Central Region Police Commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Rogers Rutikanga, reminded the students said that the police values and counts on their contribution to maintaining peace by reporting and preventing crime.

He said anti-crime clubs are key to raising awareness against crime in schools and among the youth, and urged them to be innovative and continue to streamline their clubs to achieve their intended purpose.

ACP Rutikanga appealed to students to reach out to their colleagues who could be involved in wrongful acts such as drug abuse and desist from consuming alcoholic drinks, which is against the law at their youthful age.

“The government can’t afford to have a wasted young generation, and that should be part of your agenda in your clubs to ensure a healthy and focused generation that will continue to drive the development of this country,” ACP Rutikanga told the students.

He also reminded them of the people that would want to seduce them for better offers abroad telling them that these are tricks used by human traffickers, urging them to always report any person that approaches them with such offers to facilitate police investigations in ascertaining the truth, and arrest criminals involved.

Kicukiro vice mayor in charge of Social Affairs, Angelique Mukunde, while thanking the police for empowering the youth, urged the students to stay on course and be exemplary to other youth.

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The Central Region Police Commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Rogers Rutikanga speaking to students.