Kicukiro: Eight schools join crime prevention efforts

Published by Police
On 5 March 2017 saa 07:19
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Eight secondary schools in Kicukiro district have joined efforts with the Rwanda National Police by forming anti-crime clubs to raise awareness to combat crimes.

The schools are APEKA, Star School, SICO, CJFK, GS Remera Protestant, APAPE, GS Gatenga and King David Academy.

The clubs were formed on Friday during an awareness campaign that brought together about 4,000 students from the eight schools.

The forums will focus mainly on fighting abuse of drugs, gender based violence and child abuse.

The District Police Commander of Kicukiro, Senior Supt. Gerard Habiyambere, while speaking to the students, noted that “your voice is valuable and counts.”

He told them that youngsters are often misled into crimes such as drug abuse, an act them should desist and fight by reporting both dealers and abusers in their communities.

“Be good ambassadors; your country and Rwanda National Police in particular counts on you to make change in security and development,” he said.

The DPC also enlightened the students on tricks used by criminals in lure young people into human and drug trafficking.

“Among tricks used by human traffickers is promising money, jobs and scholarships overseas. Don’t be any person that approaches you with such promises. Don’t fall prey of their tricks telling you not to inform anyone about the deal, which is one way they manipulate you and traffic you without anyone knowing, ” he told the students.

The campaign is part of the RNP mass community policing exercise being conducted in schools across the country.