Kicukiro: Irondo members urged on discipline

Published by Police
On 5 November 2016 saa 11:12
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Members of community night patrols commonly known as ‘irondo’, operating in Kigarama Sector of Kicukiro District, have been called upon to consider discipline as one of the core values of their profession policing.

The call was made by Inspector of Police (IP) Gilbert Nsengiyumva, the commander of Kigarama Police Station on November 3 during a meeting that focused mainly on discipline and countering house break-ins.

About 75 members of irondo in Kigarama attended the meeting.

“Effective policing requires utmost discipline, respect and cooperation with the residents. You must always keep in mind that the way you behave earns you respect from the people you serve and that makes your work much easier,” said IP Nsengiyumva.

He added: “What you do contributes tremendously towards ensuring safety of Rwandans but you can’t achieve much if people don’t trust you. You have an alternative to win public trust and that alternative is through maximum discipline.”

The meeting also deliberated on various means to fight against house break-ins where members of irondo were asked to sensitize residents on timely information sharing.

“No crime should be tolerated or responded single handedly; in the same way, no criminal should go unpunished that’s why we need to form a network in which we can break criminal gangs and ensure every suspect is brought to justice,” added IP Nsengiyumva.

Following the meeting, members of irondo pledged to enhance their cooperation with security organs and the residents in sensitization on effective communication as well as maintain maximum discipline at all times.