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Kicukiro: Students enlightened on crime prevention
Published on 25-10-2016 - at 01:28' by Police

As part of the countrywide awareness campaign against crimes, Police on October 21 reached out to about 550 students of College George Fox Kagarama (CGFK) in Kicukiro District and urged them to be vigilant against “evil-minded people” who would attempt to lure them into criminal activities.

The District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO) of Kicukiro, Inspector of Police (IP) Hamdun Twizeyimana, while addressing the students, talked three issues of human trafficking, drug abuse and gender based violence and child abuse, as some of the challenges facing the young generation, which they should as well stand up against.

He noted that at a large extent, the youth are the most targeted by human traffickers world over and are the majority involved in drug related crimes although he added that Rwanda’s community involvement in security matters has set a precedent for safety and security.

“We need to build on that level of security; you have been empowered as the youth to play a central role along with other Rwandans, in identifying and reporting crimes to facilitate timely response in fighting and prevention,” IP Twizeyimana said.

Human trafficking, he said, is a “global real threat” but added that although it remains a rare threat in Rwanda, even a single case has its impact as a violation of human rights.

“Don’t fall into traps of people with such intentions of empty promises abroad; you will be headed to a wrong and dangerous direction of hard labour with little or no pay, sexual exploitation for the case of girls or a target for organ removal,” he said.

He urged them to always report anyone who attempts to seduce them to take them abroad.

On the issue of drug abuse, IP Twizeyimana appealed to them to partner with police by providing information on the dealers and abusers so as to either rehabilitate the latter or arrest the suppliers, which will break the chain of supply.

The students were also reminded of their rights and urged to always break silence of the violence they face or witness either at school or in their communities.


Ooh Great, we thank Police in Kicukiro district to teach our students, children about crime prevention. really the youth are the most targeted, this awareness was very necessary, because these crimes:human trafficking, drug abuse, gender based violence are the most hinder of our society. youth should be aware of these crimes in order to prevent them before they happen, mostly human traffickers use the youth, promissing them to get scholarship outside the country, youth should report these wrong doers to the police, for us citizen from kicukiro district we are proud of our Police Professional job. The awareness about crime prevention is fruitful, because our society will be free and secured. BRAVO POLICE

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