Kigali city has 34,000 households in disaster risky zones

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 30 March 2017 saa 12:21
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The City of Kigali has 34,000 households in disaster risky zones prompting authorities to carry out a study on the means of relocating such residents to areas matching with the master plan of the city.

This was unveiled yesterday in a meeting that brought together officials from the Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of Local Government, Kigali City among others including security organs and private sector to discuss the government policy regarding the development of cities.

The Kigali city vice mayor for economic affairs, Parfait Busabizwa said that the management of Kigali city is concerned on improving population settlement mobilizing them to better settlements respecting the master plan of Kigali city.

He explained that they have recently made a census which found over 34,000 households in disaster risky zones.

“Some residents inhabit zones reserved for forests because the master plan was designed in 2013 after they had been settled. Others are living in risky zones where the slope surface is beyond 30 meters. You have seen it at Mont Kigali, Gatsata and in other areas reserved for forests where people have settled. It requires relocating them gradually. Our census found 34,000 houses located in disaster risky zones below 10 meters near waterways and others living in forest buffers,” said Busabizwa.

“You understand that relocating 34,000 households is not easy but we plan to ask them to relocate gradually,” he said.

The mayor of Kigali city, Nyamurinda Pascal said that people in risky zones and shanty settlements is worrying stressing the need to relocate them.

“We have to identify where to relocate residents from such 34,000 households, from risky zones,” he said.

Statistics released in February 2017 indicated that Nyarugenge district has 15,000 households in disaster risky zones.

Nyamurinda urged local leaders and top leadership of the city to collaborate in getting the master plan of Kigali city respected.

The Minister of State in charge of Socio-Economic Development in the Ministry of Local Government, Vincent Munyeshyaka said that corruption is the top cause of haphazard planning in the city and towns calling for more efforts among various stakeholders to address the matter.

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The mayor of Kigali city, Nyamurinda Pascal.