Kigali Rotarians join Kicukiro residents in tree planting drive

On 13 November 2017 at 10:23

Members of Rotary Club in the City of Kigali on Saturday joined Kicukiro residents in planting a total of 600 trees on five hectares in Nyarurama cell of Gatenga sector.

Rotary Club branches that participated are Rotary Club of Mt. Jali, Doyen Club, Kigali-Virunga, Gasabo Club, Rotaract of SFB, KIE and Kigali City.

The Rotarians said that planting trees is part of their action plan of supporting welfare of humanity.

The Vice-president of Rotary Club in Rwanda, Masterjerb Birungi Paul said that they believe in the importance of trees in replenishing nature to serve humanity and pledged to continue planting more trees to enable health and wealth in the country.

“We, Rotarians have joined Kicukiro residents to plant trees as part of our action plan; every year it is our target to plant trees. Particularly, the Rotary Club International President has requested every member to plant a tree this year. We also believe that trees are of great importance in human life,” he said.

The Minister of Land and Forestry, Francine Tumushime told participants that planting trees and sustaining forestry should be part of their targets to attain the ideals of a safer environment.

“As a people who want to live in a green country, we should note that this exercise does not cost us any money, it is a voluntarily activity. Everyone should understand the importance of trees and support the greening of Rwanda by planting them. Let’s take it as our responsibility and pant trees in our homes and surroundings,” she urged Kicukiro residents.

Rwanda’s Rotary Club is encouraging all members to plant at least three trees this year.

Each and every Rotary Club member is requested to plant at least one tree before the end of the year
The event saw many different personalities, all supportive of Rotary Club's initiative
Rotary is a global network of 1.2 million supportive ministries that bring positive and lasting solutions and change in their cities and abroad. Planting trees is one of the many solutions they bring
The event left three thousand trees planted in Kicukiro district
Minister of Lands and Forestry (Minilaf), Francine Tumushime
Kicukiro District's Representatve, Dr Jeanne Nyirahabimana speaking at the event
Rotary Club's Vice President in Rwanda, Masterjerb Birungi Paul explaining the vital importance of trees to the community