King Kigeli V last testament revealed

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 2 February 2017 saa 06:43
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The final testament of the late King Kigeli V has been discovered and aired to members of the public.

In a statement released by his former spokesperson Boniface Benzingye, it has been revealed that the testament was assembled on 12th December 2006 laying down how and who should execute the same.

Bezingye says he obtained will from Portugal after the ruling of a Virginia, USA court.
In the testament, King Kigeli V Ndahindurwa wrote that the elected council of scribes will appoint his successor who would be granted all powers as per Rwandan culture including his rights of making order as a King and receiving his honorary title.

The testament indicates that the head of council of scribes would be the successor. He also stated that the council of scribes will also include as the general secretary, Albert Alexander Montague, and deputy general secretary, Carl E.Lindgren and other members that could not exceed 12.

The testament doesn’t indicate where the King chose to be buried. However Benzigye explains that he met Ducke de Braganza and Bishop Abilio among others in Portugal who informed him that King Kigeli V had unveiled his preference of being buried in Portugal.

The statement is not far different from that of Pastor Ezra Mpyisi who announced recently that relatives of King Kigeli V were told that the latter’s testament indicates that he had to be buried in Portugal. He attributed the latter to the aid Portuguese offered to Kigeli when alive.