Kirehe cramping hard on narcotic drugs

Published by Police
On 8 November 2016 saa 01:09
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The increased awareness and participation of the public coupled with strengthened operations have been attributed to the increased arrest of drug dealers that use Kirehe as both a transit route and destination for narcotic drugs, the District Police Commander (DPC) Supt. James Rutaremara.

According to police statistics, last month alone, at least 139 koligrammes of cannabis, 184 litres of the banned crude gin called Kanyanga and 540 litres of other locally made illicit substances, were seized in varied public-backed police operations.

“When you look at the strategic location of Kirehe, most of its sectors like Gahara, Gatore, Musaza, Nyamugari and Kigarama touches the borderline, and this make them prone to especially drug traffickers from the neighbouring countries, and in dealing with this, we put a special attention to these sectors, which has been rewarding in terms of identifying and arresting traffickers and ultimately dismantling some of the trafficking rings,” Supt. Rutaremara said.

“During the operations against drugs in October, we arrested 37 people but after thorough screening, dossiers of 24 of them were sent to prosecution while 13 other suspects were taken to rehabilitation centre where they are taught values and given tips of business projects and other government development programmes, which in itself helps to reform them but also shows them the right direction to individual growth and development,” he added.

He further said that through increased awareness, some individuals who are engaged in making illicit brew have voluntarily given up to their unlawful acts.

“Last month, five people in Nyamugari came forward and told police and local leaders that they were engaged distilling illicit brew, surrendered equipments they were using to make the substances and pledged alliance in this campaign.”

“We have had increased presence of security personnel in these sectors, enhanced participation of the general public and drivers in particular and all these have been vital even against smuggling.”

Also in October, in fighting fraud, police seized 15 cartons of African Gin and 34 cartons of Martin, both liquors, close to 300 kilogrammes of rice and boxes of Novida, a soft drink.

“Despite all these operations, cordon and search, and awareness Kirehe remains a strategic location for drug dealers and other wrongdoers, and this requires strong partnership especially with the people, share timely information on anyone suspected to be involved in drug related crimes, increased community night patrols (Irondo),” Supt. Rutaremara said.