Kirehe: Rehabilitated drug abusers vow to be catalysts against the vice

Published by Police
On 19 October 2016 saa 02:08
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Former drug dealers and abusers who are currently in the final phases of their rehabilitation programme at Kirehe transit centre have expressed their appreciation to Rwanda National Police for reviving their hopes for a better future and vowed to use their experience to supplement efforts against the vice.

This was during their meeting with the District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO) Inspector of Police (IP) Gahigi Harerimana on October 17.

About 78 former drug addicts are currently undergoing rehabilitation at the centre.

They noted that their period at the centre will not be in vain adding that it has opened the gates to a better future as they boost of embarking on other legal businesses as well us reporting all those engaged in drug related crimes.

IP Harerimana thanked the youthful group for choosing the right path.

He also took them through laws that prohibit sell or use of psychotropic substances, and penalties to those involved.

Article 594 penalises any person, who consumes, injects, inhales, anoints themselves with or makes any other unlawful use of narcotic drugs, with any convict potentially facing a term of imprisonment of between one to three years and a fine of Rwf50, 000 to Rwf500, 000; or both.

“Those who produce or supply banned substances and gin face a heavier punishment of up to five years in prison,” IP Harerimana stressed.

IP Harerimana said: “The youth constitute the biggest percentage of the population and, therefore, your active involvement in the eradication of narcotics trade and consumption will help in building a healthy nation free from drugs.”

He went ahead to urge them to fight other crimes like cattle theft and refrain from excessive drinking, which can also lure them into other unlawful acts like assault.