Kirehe residents reminded on community policing

Published by Police
On 29 January 2017 saa 12:40
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The District Police Commander of Kirehe, Supt. James Rutaremera has appealed to the residents to maintain the spirit of partnership and preserve the existing safety and security.

He noted that through community policing, a lot has been reaped in terms of crime prevention and development.

The DPC made made the call on January 26 while addressing residents of Nyamugari Sector

Supt. Rutaremara asked residents to shun abetting acts of criminality including facilitating and hiding drug dealers.

Kirehe is among the districts on spot as one of the main transit routes for drug dealers, who use porous borders to traffic especially cannabis into the country.

He said that generally, security is calm in the district largely due to the existing partnership and information sharing, but asked residents to report any wrongdoers in their vicinity, especially drug dealers.

“Involving yourself in acts of criminality will only affect your personal development in terms of money invested in dealing in narcotics, which are seized and destroyed, and the culprit imprisoned, ” Supt. Rutaremara said.

“One thing is clear; you will be identified and arrested in one way or another.”

The community policing outreach exercise was also attended by local leaders.

Joel Harerimana, one of the residents thanked Rwanda National Police for empowering them and continuously engaging them in security matters.

"In the past, I knew ensuring security was the soul responsibility of security organs. Community policing values the role of every Rwandan in transforming our country,” Harerimana said.